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Amos Bennett

Amos Bennett came to Wyalusing as early, probably, as 1783-84, and lived there some five or six years. He built a little tub-mill at the falls just below the road on Bennett's creek. The ruins of a saw-mill now mark the site. He had a house on the flats below the present residence of William Storrs. He died in the spring of 1811, at the ace of sixty-five years, and his wife followed him the next year.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett were Amos, Jr., Thomas, John, David, Nathan, Benjamin, Susan, Hetty, Hannah, Prudence, and Martha. Hannah married Benjamin Ackla, and Martha married Richard Benjamin, who came to Bradford County with Amos Bennett, Sr. Hetty married Justus Seeley, who came in from Canada, to which place the family returned about 1800. Prudence married Jacob Strickland, of Wysox, and moved west about 1811. Amos, Jr., married Amy Wilcox, and moved to Sugar creek, near Joshua Bailey, where he died. Thomas went to the Genesee, married, lost his wife, and died insane. John married Hannah Vargison, and moved to Albany, near the old Schoonoven place. Nathan also went to the Genesee Country, married Polly Ellsworth, and joined the Mormons. Truman Bennett, of Terry, is his son. David also married in the Genesee Country, and died there. Benjamin married Betsey Abbott, a sister of Mrs. Elias Vaughan, and lived on the Storrs place. He was drafted in the War of 1812, and marched as far as Danville, where the company was discharged. 

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