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Barclay Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Geographically, the township of Barclay is situated between the townships of Franklin on the north, Le Roy on the west, and the Shrader branch of Towanda creek, which separates it from Overton on the south, and whatever of eastern boundary it has is Monroe.

Topographically, the township is mountainous; the Shrader branch of the Towanda creek being its only stream of water.

Geologically, it is coal-bearing, being essentially and specifically a mining town.

Historically, it is a recent organization, being formed from Franklin in 1867. Its entire area is owned by the coal-mining and Barclay railroad companies, and it is said that it has not within its limits a solitary resident freeholder. Its chief interest lies in its coal mines and their development, which are fully described in the general history of the county.


The first settlement or movement therefor in the township was made in the fall of 1856, by the Towanda coal company. There are at the present time five settlements in the town, the most northern one called Graydon, next south Dublin, Barclay post-office still further south, Pall Creek a little way east of the post-office, and a settlement at the foot of the incline of the railroad.

Population In 1870 the town contained a population of 2009 souls, 1 104 of whom were foreign born. In 1876 there were 284 votes polled.


There are three school districts in the township, and six schools were taught in them during the year ending June 1 , ] 877, averaging ten months each. Three male and three female teachers were employed, the former receiving $50 and the latter $30 per month as salaries. Four hundred and forty-one children attended the schools, of whom 233 were boys and 208 were girls; the average attendance for the whole period of the schools being 400. One per cent of the valuation of the property in the township was levied for school purposes, the revenue arising therefrom being $2143.05; $607.20 were received from the State; the total receipts being $4050.15. Of this amount $1828.76 were paid for teachers' wages; the total expenditures for the year being $3394.71, including $260.45 for new building.


At Graydon there are a school-house and store; at Barclay there are a post-office, a Presbyterian church, a schoolhouse, stores, the works of the Towanda Coal Company, and freight and engine-houses of the Barclay railroad company. At Fall Creek there are a school-house and store, and in the settlement at the foot of the incline there is a school-house. 

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Source: The History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Published by L. H. Everts & Company, 1878.

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