Bradford County


Bradford County Pennsylvania Post Offices, 1878

February 1, 1878

Showing Date of Establishment, and First Postmaster.

Alba, in Alba borough, on the N. C. R. R., January 5, 1827, Irad Wilson.

Allis Hollow, southwestern part of Orwell, August 17, 1868, George J. Norton.

Aspinwall, southeastern part of Wells, established as Old Hickory, May 17, 1838, Alfred Ferguson; changed to Wells, February 28, 1862, Joel Jewell; changed to Old Hickory, July 23, 1868, John O. Randall; changed to Aspinwall, November 10, 1869, Levi Morse.

Asylum (old French settlement, see Terrytown); changed to Frenchtown, September 15, 1857, Charles Stevens.

Austinville, western part of Columbia, established as Havensville, June 2, 1846, Dunsmer Smith; changed to Austinville, August 13, 1861, Lyman S. Slade.

Athens, Athens borough, January 1, 1801, William Prentice.

Barclay, Barclay mines, January 10, 1866, George E. Fox.

Ballibay, southwestern part of Herrick, October 9, 1871, John Nesbit.

Bently Creek, southern part of Ridgeberry, January 7, 1859, Benjamin F. Buck.

Big Pond, in Springfield Township. May 31, 1870, Isaac F. Bullock.

Birney, in Herrick Township. May 6, 1872, Jno. Bolles.

Browntown, southern part of Wyalusing, on the Pa. & N. Y. R. R., December 11, 1839, Ralph Martin.

Burlington, Burlington borough, February 24, 1849, John Rose.

Bushville, central part of Pike, established as Pike, January 15, 1868, Isaac Ross; changed to Bushville, January 23, 1871, Giles N. De Wolf

Camptown, in Wyalusing Township, December 7, 1841, Wm. Camp.

Canton, Canton borough, September 23, 1825, Asa Pratt.

Carbon Run, western part of Le Roy, July 9, 1874, Robt. A. Abbott.

Cold Creek, in the south part of Pike, March 4, 1870, Edward S. Skeel.

Columbia Cross Roads, in Columbia Township, on N. C. R. R., December 7, 1826, Elisha S. Goodrich.

Dwell, in central part of Asylum, established as Benjamintown, November 24, 1840, Selden S. Bradley; changed to Durell, March 29, 1843, W. M. Goff; discontinued January 4, 1844; reinstated December 11, 1848, Simeon Decker.

East Canton, eastern part of Canton Township, April 15, 1862, Warren Landon.

East Herrick, northeastern part of Herrick, June 26, 1839, Jeremiah C. Barnes.

East Smithfield, central part of Smithfield Township, October 11, 1825, James Gerould.

East Troy, three miles east of Troy borough, on Sugar creek, April 25, 1851, Andrus Case.

Edsallville, southwest part of Wells, December 14, 1827, Samuel Edsall.

Elwell, southeast part of Wilmot, May 21, 1857, Warren R. Griffis.

Evergreen, east part of Albany, February 9, 1871, William Allen.

Fussett, north part of South Creek, on N. C. R. R., June 6, 1867, Joseph M. Young.

Franklindale, east part of Franklin, January 6, 1826, John Knapp.

Foot of Plane, in Barclay, at the foot of the inclined plane, March 11, 1872, Theodore Streator.

Ghent, in Sheshequin, June 14, 1848, R. N. Horton.

Gillett, in South Creek, on N. C. R. R.

Granville Centre, central part of the township, established as North Branch, December 8, 1825, Sylvester Taylor; changed to Granville, February 25, 1831, Sylvester Taylor; changed to Granville Centre, January 30, 1865, Luman D. Taylor.

Granville Summit, northeast part of the township, February 9, 1856, William Nichols.

Green's Landing, in the south part of Athens, on the west side of the river, October 18, 1875, W. A. Plummer.

Grover, southwest part of Canton Township, February 13, 1872, H. C. Green.

Herrich, central part of the township, established as Wheatland, February 28, 1837, Isaac Camp; changed to Herrick, December 28, 1837.

Herrickville, north part of the township, July 22, 1843, Daniel Durand.

Highland, southeast part of Burlington, March 27, 1837, George H. Bull.

Highland Lake, in Warren Township, October 18, 1870, John I. Arnold.

Hornet's Ferry, Frenchtown Station, on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., west part of Wyalusing, November 22, 1869, J. V. N. Biles.

Hornbrook, south part of Sheshequin, February 25, 1827, William S. Way.

Laddsburg, south part of Albany, on State Line R R., May 11, 1850, Peter Sterigere.

Leona, south part of Springfield, established as Leonard Hollow, November 13, 1856, Enos Hubbard; changed to Leona, August 2, 1865, William T. Daley.

Le Raysville, borough, February 12, 1827, Josiah Benham.

Le Roy, central part of the township, December 21, 1835, William Holcomb.

Liberty Corners, east part of Monroe, September 5, 1856, Joseph Bull.

Lime Hill, northwest part of Wyalusing, June 30, 1857, John F. Chamberlain.

Litchfield, central part of the township, November 5, 1825, Daniel Bush.

Luther's Mills, central part of Burlington, established as Mercur's Mills, November 24, 1852, Samuel W. Prentice; changed to Grow, January 7, 1862, James Wilcox; changed to Luther's Mills, November 16, 1865, Roswell Luther.

Macedonia, northeast part of Asylum, December 20, 1856, William Coolbaugh.

Marshview, south part of Asylum, May 17, 1872, Alvin T. Ada.

Mercur, in the east part of Standing Stone, August 20, 1872, George A. Stevens.

Merrickville, _____ July 27, 1852.

Merryall, east part of Wyalusing, December 20, 1849.

Milan, north part of Ulster, on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., established as Marshall's Corners, December 21, 1835, Josiah B. Marshall; changed to Milan, December 27, 1838, John L. Webb.

Milltown, north part of Athens, December 9, 1826, William P. Rice.

Minnequa, Canton, on N. C. R. R., September 21, 1869, Richard L. Dodson.

Monroeton, borough, established as Monroe, October 29, 1822, Abner C. Rockwell; changed to Monroeton, July 30, 1829.

Mountain Lake, central part of Burlington, May 20, 1861, Earl Nichols.

Myersburg, central part of Wysox, April 9, 1850, Elijah R. Myer.

Neath, Welsh settlement, east part of Pike, October 18, 1870, Newton Humphrey.

New Albany, central part of the township, on State Line R. R., April 1, 1826, James Moreland.

New Era, west part of Terry, October 2, 1857, John Huffman.

Norconks, south part of Wilmot, December 27, 1856, John Cummisky.

North Orwell, north part of the township, March 27, 1833, Roswell Russell.

North Rome, east part of the township, January 5, 1846, Charles Forbes.

North Smithfield, west part of the township, March 2, 1829, Davis Bullock.

North Towanda, northeast part of the township, June 21, 1852, Stephen A. Mills.

Orcutt Creek, northwest part of Athens, June 14, 1848, David Gardner.

Orwell, central part of the township, July 22, 1818, Edward Benjamin.

Overton, southeast part of the township, established as Heverlysville, July 1, 1857, Edward McGovern; changed to Overton, February 28, 1856, George W. Hottenstien.

Park's Creek, south part of Litchfield, established as Seeley, February 28, 1870, Daniel Russell; changed to Park's Creek the same day.

Pike, in the western part of Pike Township.

Potterville, east part of Orwell, August 5, 1852, Elizur C. Potter.

Powell, at Greenwood, in Monroe Township, on Barclay R. R., established as Linwood, December 3, 1855, Samuel C. Naglee; changed to Powell, April 1, 1872, Elhanan W. Neal.

Ridgeberry, central part of the township, May 6, 1826, James Covell.

Rome, borough, June 11, 1831, Peter Allen.

Rummerfield Creek, east part of Standing Stone, on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., Dee. 17, 1833, Eli Gibbs.

Sayre, at Junction of Pa. & N. Y., S. C, and G. I. & S. R. R.'s, March 11, 1874, Harvey G. Spalding.

Sheshequin, west part of township, January 1, 1819, Avery Gore.

Silvara, east part of Tuscarora, established as East Springhill, April 23, 1868, Daniel L. Crawford; changed to Silvara, May 11, 1875, Andrew J. Silvara.

Smithfield Summit, northeast part of the township, December 21, 1860, Joseph L. Jones.

Snedikerville, northeast part of Columbia, on N. C. R. R., August 1, 1867, William H. Snediker.

South Branch, south part of Monroe, December 11, 1863, Chester Caster.

South Creek, near the centre of the township, on N. C. R. R., January 26, 1826, George Hyde.

South Hill, south part of Orwell, January 28, 1837, William Warfield.

South Litchfield, southeast corner of the township, December 18, 1865, Jerrold B. Wheaton.

South Warren, near the south line of the township, January 12, 1827, Benjamin Buffington.

Springfield, near the centre of the township. May 24, 1819, William Evans.

Spring Hill, central part of Tuscarora, December 29, 1836, H. Ackley.

Standing Stone, south part of the township, on the Pa. & N. Y. R. R., January 26, 1826, Jonathan Stevens.

Stevensville, south part of Pike, January 24, 1837, Cyrus Stevens.

Sugar Run, northeast part of Wilmot, established as Blaney, May 4, 1839, Nathaniel N. Gamble; changed to Sugar Run, February 5, 1846, Elmore Horton.

Sylvania, south part of Columbia, March 18, 1818, Reuben Nash.

Terrytown, west part of township, July 27, 1826, George Terry; changed to South Asylum, June 23, 1854, John M. Horton; changed to Asylum, September 15, 1857, John M. Horton; changed to Terrytown, January 13, 1862, Nathaniel T. Miller.

Tioga Valley, west part of Litchfield, September 23, 1854, Hiram Rogers.

Towanda, borough, August 8, 1810, Reuben Hale.

Troy, borough, December 29, 1817, James Long.

Tuscarora Valley, southeast part of the township, February 2, 1871, Henry L. Rugg.

Ulster, central part of the township, on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., September 18, 1821, Sidney Bailey.

Warren Centre, central part of the township, July 27, 1853, Jacob L. Brown.

Warrenham, northeast part of Warren, January 1, 1835, Andrew Coburn.

Walls, west part of township, established as French's Mills, December 12, 1825, James S. French; changed to Wells, November 26, 1869, Charles L. Shepard.

West Burlington, west part of the township, July 19, 1833, Luther Goddard.

West Franklin, west part of the township, April 25, 1857, Nedebiah Smith (2d).

West Warren, west part of the township, March 16, 1864, Robert Tyrrel.

West Windham, on the Wappusening, established as Windham, January 17, 1818, Benjamin Woodruff; changed to West Windham, February 8, 1833, Elijah Shoemaker.

Wilmot, in the east part of the township, March 15, 1866, Israel Van Luvanee.

Windham Centre, near the centre of the township, July 9, 1866, W. C. Peck.

Windham Summit, near the western line of the township, December 10, 1868, John Van Est.

Wyalusing, village on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., January 1, 1801, Peter Stevens.

Wysox, village on Pa. & N. Y. R. R., October 1, 1804, Burr Ridgway.

There are one hundred and thirteen in all; each township and borough has at least one, except Armenia, while the town of Wyalusing has six. Each one of these post offices has a history of anxious pleading and patient waiting before the government allowed it to exist, and then, oftentimes, of neighborhood strife and personal or political preferences which secured the change of both name and postmaster. Nearly all of the persons named in this long list were associated with the political struggles of the community in which they are located.

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Source: The History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Published by L. H. Everts & Company, 1878.

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