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Rebecca M. Walker

Rebecca M. Walker, second child of Amos and Cynthia Franklin, was born at Seneca, Lenawee Co., Michigan, August 9, 1837. Her father was son of Billy Franklin, and grandson of the late Col. John Franklin. At the age of seventeen he came to live with his grandfather in Athens, and remained there until after the death of the colonel, in 1831. In May, 1835, he married Cynthia McKinney, and moved to Michigan, then a territory and wilderness; purchased a farm and remained there until his death, June 2, 1845. During the year 1853, in company with her mother, sister, and two brothers, she made a visit to her mother's relatives in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and remained there teaching school two terms in Athens Township.

She received her education mostly in the district schools of her native State. In April, 1866, she returned to her mother's home in Seneca, Michigan, and was married there, on the 9th day of the ensuing August, to Zephon F. Walker. After her marriage she came back to Athens, Pennsylvania, and began house-keeping on the farm known as the Col. John Franklin homestead, where he lived, died, and is buried. The result of this union was five children: Franklin Z., born June 4, 1856 Nathaniel F., born May 28, 1858 ; Alfred Irving, born January 28, 1860; Clara, born February 28, 1865; Ada May, born April 15, 1867. All still living at home.

She has had an active life. Her husband's business calling him so much from home made her duties much greater; the farm sustained a dairy, the care of which, together with that of the family and household, all devolved upon her, and a part of the time the supervision of the farm. She is a Christian woman and inculcates religious principles in her household, but belongs to no church.

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