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Sartile Holden

Sartile Holden came from Vermont. He had pursued an absconding debtor into the State of New York, and by taking lumber and staves had secured his debt. These he attempted to run down the river (Susquehanna), but his raft lodged on Cole's island. He then removed his lumber to the shore, near Mr. Birney's, in Standing Stone, and being a cooper, worked up his staves into barrels. While engaged on this job he became acquainted with the country, bought the tract on which he afterward lived, and moved his family here in 1802.

 His family consisted of four sons and three daughters. Three of the former and one of the latter only accompanied him, however, to Pennsylvania. The title to Mr. Holden runs thus: Warrant to Jeremiah Talbert, March 16, 1774. Survey of November 13, 1774. Deed to Holden from Talbert, August 26, 1808. Patent to Holden, November 20, 1823.

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