Cavalry, First City Troop

Brigade Staff

Charles Ross, Captain
James L. Cuthbert, Second Lieutenant
Robert M. Lewis, Cornet
1st John R, C. Smith
2nd Anthony Stocker
3rd Thomas F. Leaming
4th Job Bacon
1st Matthew M'Connell, jun.
2nd Henry Harrison,
3rd Jehu R. Tunis
John Donnaldson, jun. Quarter Master


Henry Nixon D.Q.M. Lindford Lardner, A.D.Q.M
Robert Wharton Edward Davies
William A. Willing William Craig
John Y. Bryant Francis Q. Smith
Lawrence Sink Joseph Grata
John C. Smith, William Lehman
George Hug Abraham Kintzing
John M'Crea Samuel Jackson
William Whelan William Simmons
William H. Smith M. Edward Twells
Thomas Taylor Henry Toland
William W. Fisher Samuel H. Jacobs
Clement L. Bready Charles P. Fox
Matthew Matthews William H. Hart
Henry M'Murtrie Augustus Cushing
Francis Worley Lewis Vanuxem
George T. Stukert Charles Pettit
Francis M. Bolten Moses Thomas
Edward M. Donnaldson Charles Norris
John R. Warder Frederick V. Krug
Thomas Say John Warner
John W Morrell Nathan Hall
Joshua Harlan jun. George M'Calmont
John Inskeep jun. Henry Wicoff
Henry Witmer Wharton Lewis
John Elfrith Hugh Lloyd
George Willing William Brown
John Lamsbach, Trumpeter

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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