First Regiment ~ Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Field & Staff

Clement C. Biddle, Colonel
Condy Raguet, Lieutenant Colonel
Joseph B. Ingersol, First Major
Samuel S. Voorhees, Second Major
Michael W. Ash, Adjutant
Francis R. Wharton, Quarter Master
Thomas R. Peters, Pay Master
Samuel Stewart, Surgeon
James O. Ferguson, Surgeon's Mate
Samuel Wilcox, Sergeant Major
Frederick W. Sperry, Quarter Master Sergeant
John Tryon, Drum Major
Joseph B. Brode, Fife Major
First Company Independent Volunteers
Daniel Oldenbergh, Captain
George G. Wright, First Lieutenant
John Snyder, Second Lieutenant
Richard Fawkes, Ensign
1st Walter Allison
2nd Robert M'Clure
3rd John Wile
4th Kenneth M'Koy
5th Charles Colliday
1st Edward Buckingham
2nd Francis Savoy
3rd Benjamin Emerick
4th David Snyder


William Blair John Lincoln
Henry Bolen Daniel Linch
Maurace Brown Henry Meyers
John Butcher Conrad Mark
Charles Bastian George Mackison
James Broadnix Henry Mackison
William Bates John Morgan
Joseph Bucher Daniel M'Karaher
William Course Jacob Marker
Christian Countryman Philip Marker
George Clark John Morris
George E. Clark Samuel Olwine
Charles Cable Edward Paschall
Peter Critz David Rambow
Robert Davis John Scrivenger
John Delancy John Shuster
E. Evans Samuel St Clair
John Frazieur Joseph Stephens
Henry Finn Thomas Smith
Henry Hute John R. Spreigle
Andrew Harman John Siferd
John Hamilton John Stinger
Henry Huland Peter Thompson
Daniel Hassle Benjamin Turner
Benjamin Hall Richard Tichenor
John Hollock  William Weaver
Jacob Kittering Thomas Wray
Joseph Kellom John Wright
George Kirkland Alexander Wattles

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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