Germantown & Frankford

These villages are situated nearly equidistant from Philadelphia the former on the north, and the latter on the northeast, and are both accessible in less than half an hour, by railroads, which conveyances, depart (at stated times,) every day: so stages depart regularly to the former, and an omnibus to the latter. These villages have become greatly improved, within a short time, having become the resorts of many citizens, as summer residences; the building sites have been eagerly secured, and in a short time these pleasant villages will present an elegancy in their dwellings and public edifices, corresponding with their advantageous locations for health. The character of the society, and the advantages resulting from superior Schools, will secure these desirable situations, increasing in favor, with those who desire, all the beauties of the country, within an easy and cheap communication with the city.

At Germantown, the Highfield Cocoonery, a building, 120 feet By 34 has been erected, in which, over one million, five hundred thousand silkworms are at this time feeding, and in the ground connected with it are, in vigorous condition, over four hundred thousand Morus Multicaulis Trees, the whole belonging to our spirited and enterprising citizen, Philip Physic, Esq.

Holmesburg, Bustleton, Jenkintown, and Abbington, are desirable country villages, within an easy (Daily) communication with the city; they are much resorted to as pleasant and healthy residences, in the warm seasons of the year.

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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