Military Companies of Philadelphia, 1839

The following is a List of the Volunteer Companies, attached to the several Regiments, of the First Brigade, First Division of Pennsylvania Militia: Together with the several Names of the Officers, commanding the Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, and Companies, and the estimated parading strength of the latter:

Major General of Division, Robert Patterson
Brigadier General of First Brigade, Andrew M. Prevost
Brigadier General of 2nd Brigade, John D Goodwin
Brigade Inspector 1st Brigade, Chalkley Baker
Brigade Inspector 2nd Brigade, Rudolph H. Bartle
First Regiment of Artillery, Col. J. A. Pleasanton
First Regiment of Artillery, Lt. Col. J. R. Murphy
First Regiment of Artillery, Major F. Fritz
Companies lancers Cavalry, attached, Captain Stille, 30 Members
Companies Junior Artillerists, attached, Captain F. Fritz, 30 Members
Company State Artillerists, attached, Captain Bunner, 30 Members
Company, La Fayette Artillerists, attached, Lt. Col. Barger, 25 Members
First (German) Washington Guards, Captain Partaman, 40 Members
Second (German) Washington Guards, Captain Kobler, 40 Members
Jackson Artillerists, Captain McCahen, 40 Members
102nd Regiment of Infantry, Col. Robert Patterson,
Companies. 2nd State Fencibles, Captain Murray, 30 Members
Companies. Cadwalder Blues, Captain Menzies, 25 Members
Companies. Montgomery Hibernia Greens, Captain Dickson, 35 Members
Companies. Hibernia Greens, Captain Dickson, 35 Members
Companies. La Fayette Light Guards, Lieut. Peeris, 25 Members
108th Regiment of Infantry, Col. James Page
Regiment of Infantry, Lieut. Col. W.C. Patterson
Regiment of Infantry, Major W. W. Weeks
Companies, State Fencibles, Captain James Page, 45 Members
Companies, Washington Blues, Captain W.C. Patterson, 35 Members
Companies National Troop Cavalry, attached, 20 Members
128th Regiment of Infantry, Col. C. G, Childs,
Regiment of Infantry, Major Geo. Cadwalder, attached, 20 Members
Companies. Washington Grays, Captain Childs, 50 Members
Companies. Philadelphia Grays, Captain Cadwalader. 50 Members
Companies. National, Grays, P. Fritz, 50 Members

Unattached Companies

City Troop Cavalry, Captain Hart, 35 Members
Union Fencibles, Captain Lee, 50 Members
German Washington Guards, Captain Bohlen, 40 Members
Mechanic's Rifle, Captain Moore, 30 Members
Penntownship Guards, Captain Lutz, 25 Members
Munroe Guards, Captain Streeper, 35 Members
Governor's Guards, Captain White, 35 Members
German Washington Rifle, Dethmer,
Washington Highland Rifle, Walker, 25 Members

The County Troops, Mifflin Guards, Germantown Blues, Roxborough Volunteers, and La Fayette Light Infantry, are located in the County. They are all Active Volunteer Companies.

The above List comprises only, the disciplined, and efficient, active Military Force, of the County of Philadelphia and probably, the Officers and men, will number from 12 to 1,500, capable of being concentrated in their action, within very short time. Beside these, the undisciplined militia of the City and County, will probably, furnish as large a Body.

The number thus enumerated, would be greatly increased, in case of actual danger, for those who are exempted by age, would be, on such occasions, as many were, (in the last war) foremost, in the ranks of enterprise and danger, for the good of their Country.

It will be remembered no doubt, that the military spirit of this City, in the late War, of 1813, was beyond all praise; That the Draft of 1812, was promptly met, by such men as Girard, who it is said marched out, on that occasion, and that Biddle, Cadwalader, Patterson, and a host of other Patriots were foremost, at the post of danger.

Philadelphia. July, 4, 1839.

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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