Muster Roll ~ Advance Light Brigade

Brigade Staff

Thomas Cadwalader Brigadier General
John Hare Powell Brigade Major**
Richard M'Call, Aid de camp
John G. Biddle, Aid de camp
Henry Sergeant, Assistant Quarter Master General
David Correy, Assist Deputy Quarter Master General
Franklin Flying Artillery
Richard Bache, Captain
Benjamin Chew, junr. First Lieutenant
John Byrne, Second Lieutenant
Thomas M'Clean, Cornet
1st Jonathan Carson,
2nd. Henry Darnell,
3rd. John Wallace,
4th. Thomas Smith
1st. John Borlau
2nd. John Earby
3rd. Martin Reese
4th. J. Lukens


James Huston James Harvey
Evan Jones Edward Kerby
John Kelly Hugh Linden
Patrick M'Cafferty Edward Lynch
Thomas M'Kinley William M'Cormick
Daniel M'Curdy Michael M'Claskey
Joseph Muntzer William M'Donough
Samuel M'Creery Lawrence O'Brien
William Fatten Patrick Duff
Patrick Kennedy Robert Taylor
Andrew Agnew John Bloomfield
David Biddle Patrick Boyle
James Campbell Robert Clark
Anthony Campbell Henry Conory
Stephen Croneir Michael Campbell
Edward Cassady Robert Dunwoody
Charles Graham Patrick Hardy
William Todd Henry Wrench
William Wray Thomas Ward
John Warr John Wall
George Yeukley Giles Yournson
John Laughton William Little
Abraham Lukins Henry Monaghan
B. Connor Charles M. Laughlin
Bartholomew Boyle ...

** Brigade Major Hunter, on the 14th of September, was appointed to act as Adjutant General, and served in that capacity for several weeks.

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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