Muster Roll ~ Company of Independent Blues

Whilst in the Service of the United States, from March 23, to April 7, 1813.

Field and Command

William Mitchell, Capt.
James Campbell, 1st Lt.
Wm. Tempest, 2nd. Lt.
Gerard Marks, 1st Sergeant
Samuel Riddle, 2nd Sergeant
Wm. Cornelius, 3rd Sergeant
Thomas Taylor, 1st Corporals


John McKay William Warnock
James Gibbons William Park
Alexander Murphy James Shannon
Charles Cochran Thomas Lot
Ringham Bingham Joseph Feinhauer
Jacob Wagner Joseph Murray
John Stewart Moses Keen
William J. Rayfield Jacob Eberle
John Briggs Jaocb Eberle, jun.
Jacob Leahr George Leir
Thomas Magaugh John Hopkins
Theodore Schriber John Kelly
Thomas Patterson William Ross
William M. Ginley James Ross
William Hugg Stephen Ware
Thomas Lowerawiler John Farara
Thomas Brown William Carson
Luke McGlue William Smith
_______ Lothian John Berth
Abraham Snider Aaron Snider
John Rudolf William Butcher
Jacob Lidia William Smith
William Moore James North
Lewis Cunitts ______ Finn
______ Bristoe William Butler
Joseph Kite  
Thomas Bar, Fifer Fred Dentzell, Drummer

 The Company consisted of about eighty men, but a complete list could not be procured.

 History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839
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