Muster Roll ~ Junior Artillerists

Whilst in the Service of the United States, from March 23, to April 7, 1813

Field and Command

Jacob H. Fisler, Capt.
William Roderfield, First Lieut,
James M. Porter, Second Lieut.
Jacob Cash, jun. 1st
John Wilson, 2nd
Doyle E. Sweeny, 3rd
Jonathan Stoddart, jr 1st
Peter Perpignan, 2nd
Lieut. James Campbell, Adjutant of the Detachment.
Joel B. Sutherland, Surgeon.
Samuel F. Earl, Quarter Master.


Thomas Lippencott Charles McKarraber
Henry Wilson William Craft
Gabriel Coit William Stephens
John McKeever Charles B. Hoffner
John McKeage Thomas L. Connelley
Samuel F. Earl Henry Musser
James Carson, Jr Peter Hay
Charles Lesher Benjamin Griffiths
Benjamin C. Burden William Pinchin
Robert Cooper James C. Clark
Joseph McCoy James McElwee
Joel B. Sutherland John H. Clause
George Kauck James Dallas
Daniel Carson John A. Paxton
Andrew Wile George Reinboth
Joseph P. Leclerc John R. Haperty
Jacob Strembeck Michael Simpson
Frederick Higgins James W. Murray
Michael Baker, jun Alexander Williams
Bryan Drum John Breaticum
William Littelia Jonathan B. Smith
John Kensil, jun. William Shubert
Henry Brame Archibald Reed
James Calder Charles Durang
James Davis Henry Snyder
Geo. A. Baker, jr. Jeremiah Matlock
James Porter William Lane
John Niscon Andrew M'Alister
Samuel P. Campbell Gabriel Kearns, jr.
Jacob Burkhart Samuel Nicholson
Seth Nicholson Mark Hartley
John C. Clark Philip Scudder
John Francis James M'Karraher
Jacob Souder Jacob A. Bender
Andrew W. Morrison Francis Shallus
George R. Taylor Amos Howell, jr.
Thomas Marley John Caner
John Lougheay Adam Scheever
Thomas Freeland Henry Frick

 History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839
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