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Public Baths, Essential to Health

One of the most important results, of the ample supply of pure water, afforded by the Fair Mount Water Works, is the erection of the Bathing Establishments in this City, by liberal and enterprising individuals, for Public Benefit One of these is situated near Laurel Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Another in La Grange Place, near 2nd and Arch Streets: And another, by far the largest, most central and elegant, has been erected by William Swaim, Esq. at the corner of Seventh and George Streets, in the vicinity of elegant Hotels, Museums, &c. The Baths are amply supplied with marble and copper bathing vessels, in neat, spacious, and convenient apartments. Warm and cold shower-baths, may here be obtain, at all seasons of the year.

Adjoining, and connected with this spacious and elegant building, are several retired and convenient apartments, neatly furnished as bathing rooms, for ladies. This department is constantly attended by female superintendents. This establishment is perhaps, the most extensive, costly, and elegant, of any thing of the kind in the United States.

Principal Hotels

The' Hotels (generally) both in their external and internal arrangements, display an advancement, commensurate with other improvements among which may be mentioned as worthy of particular notice, are the following:

The Washington House a new and splendid edifice, in Chesnut Street, adjoining the Masonic Hall.
Marshall House, Chesnut Street.
North American Hotel, Chesnut Street
United States Hotel, Chesnut Street.
Mansion House Hotel, 3rd near Spruce St.
Congress Hall, Chesnut St.
Merchants' Hotel, 4th, near Arch St.
Tremont House, Chesnut St.
Mount Vernon House, 3rd Street, near Arch.
Madison House, 2nd St. near Market.
City Hotel, 3rd St. near Arch.
Western Exchange Hotel, Market St. above Broad St.
Old Red Lion Hotel, in Market Street.
Indian Queen Hotel, 4th St. near Chesnut Street.
White Swan Hotel, Race St. near 3rd
Third Street Hall, near Willow St.
Second Street House, near Arch St.
National Hotel, corner of Ninth and Market Streets.
Walnut House, foot of Walnut Street.
Golden Swan Hotel, Third Street, near Arch St. &c.

The Arcade

The site which was formerly occupied by the late Hon. Judge Tilghman, as his private residence, is now covered with an extensive Arcade. This Building, although ornamental, has languished, since its erection, probably owing to the general beauty of this city and its great uniformity, the want of which, in many other cities, has rendered Arcades, more cherished objects. Philadelphia has almost all the conveniences of an extensive Arcade, so beautiful are the arrangement of its streets, for shade, and sidewalks, &c.


History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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