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Philadelphia is daily becoming of more important from the facilities afforded by the Railroads which surround her, in every direction. On the South, a chain of railroads extend through Baltimore to Washington and thence onward, to the Southern States; and at Baltimore, the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road already completed, as far as Harper's Ferry, on the Potomac, opens a passage to the Ohio River, at Wheeling.

On the West, the Columbia Rail Road, in connexion with Canal and River Navigation, presents an easy means of communication with the Western Waters, and the growing States, on their borders.

The Reading Rail Road, Germantown, Manayunk, and Norristown Rail Roads, on the Northwest, open easy communications with the interior of this great end growing State, and in connexion with the Schuylkill Navigation, are capable of developing the vast treasures of the State, by bringing to a ready market, her Mineral Coal, Marble, Lime, Lime-Stone, &c and also, her extensive agricultural products.

On the Northeast, the Trenton Rail Road, connect with others, terminating near New York. The Camden & Amboy Rail Road, open easy and speedy modes of communication with New York, and all her vast internal and external Navigation, and commence a chain of communication which, in a few years will be without interruption, even to the confines of the State of Maine.

On the Southeast, the Wilmington and Woodbury Rail Roads present easy conveyances, for the products of Delaware and the lower part of New Jersey.

In a National point of view, the Rail Roads are of the greatest importance: Troops, Ordinance, Military Stores, &c can be concentrated at any given spot, with astonishing facility and the powerful military arm of Pennsylvania, could be brought into such efficient action, that no intelligent foreign power, would ever doom an army to certain destruction, by an attempted invasion.

Locomotive Engines

No higher Compliment, to the skill of the mechanics of Philadelphia could be paid, than that which has been given, by Foreign Rail Road Companies. Locomotive Engines, manufactured by Mr. Norris, of this City, are now in use on the English, Austrian, and other European Rail Roads, and the power and speed of our Locomotives, as well as the simplicity and beauty of their construction, excites general admiration.

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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