Sixth Company ~ Second Company Independent Artillerists

Field & Staff

Samuel Paxson, Captain
Thomas Murdock, First Lieutenant
Christian S. Snyder, Second Lieutenant
Thomas Wallace, Third Lieutenant
1st Samuel L. Douglas
2nd Henry Herberger
3rd Samuel B. Barry
4th Thomas Clark
1st Alfred Hazard
2nd George Snyder
3rd James Brown
4th Charles Eardman
5th John Casner
Joseph Cake, Quarter Master Sergeant


Jesse Shelmlre John Schepper
William Long John Smilie
Philip Jacobs Craigue Moore
Jacob Snyder James Brown
William Martin James Quen
John Patterson William M. Lane
Joseph Wilson George Yerger
John Blight Balthazar Graff
Charles B. Alberti William Mason
Frederick Butler John Millerman
James Gibson John Wiatt
John Warner George Wall
Benjamin Roberts Jacob Barker
John Wertzler Peter Fenner
Augustus T. Francis Charles Miller
Thomas Houck C. P. Lippincott
Joseph Rivers Conrade Phile
William Taylor George W. Bartram
Thomas Thompson Anthony Lafitte
Joseph Lower Charles A. Erdman
Joseph Heritage Henry Lackey
Chester Chattim John Bringhurst
Howard Cassady Samuel Taylor
James A. Bartram Robert Anthony
Samuel S. Burns Samuel Maylin
William Sagerty Jesse Shelmire
Reece Scott William Roberts
Jacob Juvenal ...
Musician Lewis Malin, Flier

History of Philadelphia

Source: A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages, in the Vicinity, Printed and published by Daniel Bowen, 1839

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