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Bedford, Bedford County

Bedford, County, Pennsylvania, in the south part of the state, contains 1,612 square miles. It is a mountainous region, with fertile valleys. Watered by the branches of the Juniata and Potomac Rivers. It exports grain, live stock, and salted provisions. It also yields iron, and bituminous coal. Capital, Bedford. There were in 1840, neat cattle 53,213, sheep 82,055, swine 95,716; wheat 347,704 bushels produced, rye 295,051, Indian corn 329,956, buckwheat 52,851, oats 591,371, potatoes 284,222; 40 stores, capitol. $120,900; 9 furnaces, 11 fulling mill, 1 woolen factory 22 tanneries, 9 distilleries, 1 powder mill, 12 potteries, 19 flouring mill, 12 grist mill, 43 saw mill, 2 printing offices. Capitol in manufacturing $192,039. 3 academies 99 students, 40 schools 1,320 scholars. Population 1820, 20,248; 1830, 25,536; 1840, 29,335.

Bedford, Post Borough, Bedford Townshp, Capital of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, 200 west Philadelphia, 103 south west by west Harrisburg, 129 W. It was organized in 1771. It stands on the site of an old fort, and has a pleasant situation, on a rise of land, in the midst of a mountain valley. It is celebrated for its mineral springs, which contain carbonic acid, magnesia, sulphate of lime, muriate of soda, carbonate of iron, lime, &c, useful in chronic diseases, and possess laxative and sudorific powers. They are much resorted to, and respectable accommodations are provided for visitors. It has 3 schools 21 scholars. Population 1,022.

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